About Jessica

Hi, I'm Jessica! I am the author, cook/baker, and photographer of all that exists here, on The Learning Curve.  I am also a 20-something newlywed wife, recent college graduate, and full-time pediatric and neonatal respiratory therapist. I've been an Idaho girl my entire life, and I currently call Boise my home. I grew up with two food-loving parents, with whom Friday nights were frequently spent round the table over a plate of good cheese with crackers and garlic-sauteed shrimp. From them, I gained a deep appreciation for both food and family, which I hope to one day pass on to my own future children.

I have no formal training. Everything I know about cooking and baking I have learned from those foodie parents, various helpful food websites, and simple trial and error. I started this blog as a way to document my culinary successes, and along the way it has become a haven of sorts, and a huge source of inspiration. I'm not always the most consistent blogger... life gets in the way sometimes. But I am constantly dreaming - always thinking about, talking about, cooking, and eating great food. And when I have time, I love photographing that great food and sharing it with you! I've learned so much in the short time I've had this blog, and I can't imagine what other exciting things await me on this journey. Care to join me? :)
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